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Sika’s modern methods of construction (MMC) team works with offsite manufacturing and assembly companies to look at how Sika products can be used as part of the process in this fast-growing sector.

Sika’s decision to create this team of experts in 2019 came at a time where offsite manufacturing was growing in popularity, as a result of its multiple benefits including improved quality control and reduced waste and speed of construction.

Now, an extended team of offsite manufacturing specialists has been selected to cover a breadth of skill and expertise. At the helm is Simon Griffiths, Head of Sales – Offsite Construction, and supporting him is Chris Meadows, National Sales Manager – Facades, Fenestration and Insulated Glass, Andrew Gillard, Business Unit Manager, David Fitzpatrick, Target Market Manager Industry Sealing and Bonding, Cheryl Douglas, Head of Marketing, Jean-Francois Guillet, Business Development Manager Modular Building, James Taylor, Technical Advisor/Key Account Manager Shipping & Offshore, Brian Doocey, Technical Manager and Oscar Larsson, Key Project Manager. The nine members from across Europe each bring their own personality and experience to the table.

Speaking of the news, Simon Griffiths from Sika said: “Offsite has grown steadily over the past few years. Its benefits are widely known and understood. We are at a point where we believe that the use of offsite will accelerate to meet the demands of many projects such as HIP. As a business, Sika has many products that can be used in offsite construction, both within production assembly lines and/or application upon delivery to site, for a variety of purposes. To support the development of this important market sector, we have expanded our specialist team of experts.”

Sika offers the industry’s widest product ranges for sealing and bonding, roofing, building finishing, passive fire protection, damping and reinforcing, concrete, flooring, waterproofing and wall finishes for interior and exterior applications, and bathroom pod waterproofing and tiling systems.

Sika has an extensive R&D capability and global reach. This means the company has a proven track record of working across international markets, many of which are on the pulse of offsite manufacturing’s innovations. Sika’s MMC division is utilising global experience to guide offsite manufacturing companies towards unlocking new potentials. The division can offer a customised approach for modular manufacturers, especially where construction solutions need an industrial approach.

With extensive technical expertise and solid practical experience on every continent, in many climates and environments, Sika is a highly qualified, reliable partner for all manner of manufacturing and construction needs.

For more information, contact Simon Griffiths from our MMC division on 07803 667225.


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