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Construction leaders have called on the sector to that maintain the highest possible standards of control over how it operates, including compliance with the relevant procedures. The move comes as the new variant of Covid-19 spreads and pressure on the NHS grows during the third period of National lockdown.

Construction Leadership Council chair Any Mitchell has written an open letter to construction firms urging them to review their current arrangements to ensure the construction industry operates safely.

Mr Mitchell said: “Over the course of the last year, the construction industry has proven that it can introduce and maintain safe working environments on sites, when working in homes, in builders’ merchants and in product manufacturing facilities. However, the rapid spread of a more contagious variant of Covid19 means, it is imperative that we all maintain the highest possible standards of control over how we operate, including compliance with the relevant procedures. I urge you all to review your current arrangements to make sure that this is so.”

The CLC has developed a range of guidance relating to social distancing, use of PPE and face coverings, the safe operation of site canteens, the safe operation of builders’ merchants, the use of public and private transport to work, and the use of temporary accommodation for workers, amongst other important matters.

The government’s “National lockdown: Stay at Home” guidance makes it clear that companies and tradespeople in the construction sector and its supply chain, including builders’ merchants, suppliers and product manufacturers, should continue to operate during this national lockdown.

Construction industry guidelines provide guides for all necessary construction, refurbishment and maintenance activities. The CLC Site Operating Procedures have been revised to Version 7 and the Branch Operating Guidelines to Version 4.1 to reflect the latest direction from the Government. The other documents remain unchanged.

Mr Mitchell concluded: “For the sake of our workforce, the general public around us, and the national economy, we have a huge responsibility to continue to get this right. Together I know that we can and we will continue to do what is needed of us.”

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