Home News Construction faces double whammy of Tier 4 and supply chain disruption

Construction firms are facing a double whammy of new Tier 4 restrictions and supply chain disruption following the revelations of a new and more virulent strain of the coronavirus.

During the weekend the Prime Minister announced the introduction of new Tier 4 measures, that are similar to total lockdown.

Construction sites in Tier 4 will be allowed to remain open but under the Tier 4 restrictions, travel into a Tier 4 area is not permitted from other parts of the UK is advised except for a few specific reasons, including travel to work if you cannot work from home.

Construction is listed as critical to national infrastructure which means workers will be allowed to continue to travel to their workplace.

The new measures effect around 20 million people living in London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Essex. The new restrictions will be reviewed on 30 December but are expected to last for a number of weeks.

Disruption to freight travel has been heightened after EU countries banned travel from the UK. Huge delays have grown at ports. More than 5,000 lorries are stranded in Kent. Disruption to supplies, already compounded by pre-Brexit worries, is beginning worsen.

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