Home Product News PERI UK invests in electric fleet solutions

Peri, the formwork and scaffolding supplier, has started its transition to an all-electric fleet to make its day-to-day operations more sustainable and safer.

After reviewing the output of its forklift trucks, PERI said that the new electric vehicles were more energy-efficient than diesel, and will enable safer manoeuvring and material handling in its three depots.

The electric forklifts are fitted with the latest camera technology, enabling greater visibility for the driver. The trucks are also GSM enabled – a feature that PERI says it is keen to use to monitor the vehicles for efficiency in a bid to provide an even better service to its customers.

The company’s gradual transition to electric has seen a reduction in the number of its diesel forklift trucks by over half at its Brentwood depot, and this will continue to decrease across the rest of its fleet in the near future.

Mike Oakes, Operations Manager for PERI’s Brentwood depot said: “At PERI, we are constantly looking to innovate and use new and emerging technologies so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service. As a family-owned company, we believe in acting in a socially responsible way. These new forklift trucks help us to improve delivery of our market-leading formwork, scaffolding, and plywood solutions to the construction industry, whilst also reducing our impact on the environment.”

The transition to electric is only part of PERI’s investment into a more sustainable way of working, with changes already being made to speed up its cleaning and repair services and improve the working environment for its employees.


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