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The Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS) has launched a new career and competency pathway for dryliners and ceiling fixers. The initiative intends to focus on quality and safety within the sector, the pathway intends to show how individuals can demonstrate proof of competence by the achievement of training and qualifications.

The new career and competency pathways for the finishes and interiors sector maps out the qualifications and training available against the critical stages of a career in drylining and ceiling fixing.  It provides a spine of information to help individuals and organisations to understand which steps to take and whether an individual is ready to progress through a better defined “gateway” to the next stage of their career. The pathway is aligning trained and assessed outcomes that support progression within the occupation, through to supervisory and management roles.

Paul Leach from Stortford Interiors, and chair of the FIS Skills Board, said: “The aim of this work is to provide a better-defined pathway built around clear job roles and the stages within a career in key occupations within our sector.  It will remain fluid and we can adapt it as new competency standards, qualifications and guidance emerges.”

FIS Skills and Training Lead, George Swann added: “We often talk about skills and competency and default to a conversation about card colour, but a genuine focus on competency is much more than this and involves ongoing learning as well as effective supervision and management and providing support and encouragement for individuals.  Having an organisational training plan supports social value requirements which are now prominent in contracts.”

You can download the Career and Competency Pathway documents for Drylining and Ceiling Fixing occupations here

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