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Ambar Kelly’s pioneering riser zone system has been installed to the core of the high rise Damac Tower, a stunning residential development at Nine Elms in south London.

RiserSafe from Ambar Kelly is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types. Almost all construction packages touch the riser zone. Ambar Kelly developed and patented the RiserSafe system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety.

The value of RiserSafe comes from the bespoke design and manufacture of each individual unit. This is essential to incorporate over 16 separate interfaces between the riser zone and the other disciplines. When mechanical and electrical (M&E) subcontractors need to fit their services, they simply remove the lids protecting the penetrations and install the services based on the M&E coordinated design.

For Damac Tower project, Ambar Kelly worked with main contractor Multiplex, frame contractor Byrne Bros, architect Kohn Pederson Fox and lead M&E coordinator IBSECAD, to design, manufacture and supply its RiserSafe® system. A total riser zone safety solution, it is an adaptable system which deals with all of the safety and cost risks associated with risers including the prevention of falls from height and the spread of smoke and flame during and post construction.

For Damac Tower, Multiplex required a solution that was flexible, well-designed and engineered, manufactured off site and capable of being installed to a strict programme. It also had to provide protection for the operational workforce from the risk of falling from height, and act as a fire barrier to the spread of smoke and flame during construction.

Ambar Kelly’s RiserSafe® was able to meet the project’s safety and fire protection requirements, all the while providing an effective way to secure the riser shaft. The solution would also seal the riser void when Damac Tower becomes occupied.

Ambar Kelly provided 449 of its RiserSafe® units for the project, each manufactured to the exact requirements of the project.

As the majority of the RiserSafe® units are located within Damac Tower’s core, Ambar Kelly had to meet the exact delivery dates to ensure the units were installed in line with the erection of the formwork decking.

Byrne Bros simply erected the deck for each floor, and the RiserSafe® units were craned into position and then reinforcement fixed. The floor slabs were then cast, ensuring the RiserSafe®unit was permanently fixed into the structure.

Joe Bermingham from concrete frame contractor Byrne Bros said: “RiserSafe® was a pleasure to install. Ambar Kelly worked with us to make sure each unit would fit in with the concrete frame and there were no issues. From the delivery to the installation, the entire coordination was smooth. Working from height is extremely risky. However, with RiserSafe® the team felt very secure. The presence of RiserSafe® meant there were no obstacles to completing the task at hand.”

Accommodating all the challenges in one adaptable solution, RiserSafe® prevents falls from height and the spread of smoke and flame during and after construction. Damac Tower is a high-profile build, yet the installation of RiserSafe® made this process seem seamless, and will assure occupant safety and property protection well into this tower’s bright future.

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