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SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITE PROTECT PLUS OSB3 panels have specially developed by MEDITE SMARTPLY as site hoarding solutions and help contractors secure sites against authorised access. SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT can be supplied to site pre-primed or in a range of RAL colours

With security and durability in mind, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS can be produced in panels of up to three metres tall and is structurally sound, meaning it won’t bend, break or allow your site to become easily accessed by unauthorised people. Its smooth surface also provides no inconsistencies, holes or potential footholds.

For super quick installation allowing projects to get up and running efficiently after the recent lockdown, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is supplied to site pre-primed on the outward face, or in the case of SITE PROTECT PLUS, both faces or in a range of RAL colours upon request, saving time and labour onsite. It’s also available in thicknesses of 18mm and 16mm, for a lighter weight but just as durable option where ease of install is paramount.

Contractors can take advantage of the wider SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS sizes available to cover more ground faster and at a potential cost saving, even if fewer workers are onsite. A wider panel can allow contactors to continue work together at a safe distance, adhering to government guidelines on Covid-19 safety.Depending on the site’s location, long stretches of perimeter can be hoarded in this way in record time, while locations where surrounding space is tight can make use of smaller panel sizes.

Signage on all hoarding is key both for site access points and safety information, which must both be clearly marked. However, branding and information for the local community is also increasingly important whatever the project. Both SITEPROTECT versions have been developed to provide a smooth, flat surface to allow suitable, clearly visible signage to be incorporated easily, and on both sides in the case of SITEPROTECT PLUS.

Finally, as site hoarding represents the entire project for the entire duration of the build, good sustainability credentials are vital, especially in todays increasingly environmentally conscious society. Guaranteeing a clear supply chain, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS are fully FSC® certified, made with the thinnings of fast-growing pine and spruce, essentially as a by-product of sustainable forestry practices in Ireland.

Visit the website for more details on hoarding solutions by MEDITE SMARTPLY: https://mdfosb.com/en/hoarding

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