Home Product News WellTek deliver innovative furniture pod to Whipps Cross Hospital

WellTek, a London-based furniture company that uses health technology in workplace furniture, has delivered a  new and innovative furniture pod to Whipps Cross Hospital.

WellTek has provided Whipps Cross Hospital in North London with a Neurosonic wave and a neuron activation pod (NAP) for their make-shift Wellness centre. The Wellness Centre provides a space for hardworking NHS staff to have a break when working their shift at the hospital.

The Wave mattress and NAP from Lo0ok Industries, a ground-breaking Finnish technology company, work via sensory tissue stimulation; to help the mind and body relax and recover on a 10-minute programme. The mattress and pod use Neurosonic technology to increase the user’s wellbeing by helping to improve sleep quality, reduce migraine problems, relieve stress and many more ailments both physical and mental.

Neil Jenkins founder and Managing Director of WellTek: “By providing the Wellness centre with a wave and NAP we hope to make much needed recovery breaks more relaxing and comfortable.”

WellTek has now started a campaign to get as many Neurosonic products to hospitals as quickly as possible and are in the process of working with partners to do this.

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