Home Features Opinion Why outsourcing cladding fabrication makes sound business sense

Vivalda Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of non-flammable cladding, has unveiled the fourth video in its ‘CladMaster’ series – looking at the topic of outsourcing façade fabrication.

While the benefits of undertaking processes such as sawing, drilling and fixing of brackets to boards is now widely recognised, there is still a significant number of contractors who continue to struggle preparing cladding on-site.

The video, entitled ‘Here’s why outsourcing your cladding makes sense,’ offers three main reasons why more contractors and installers should opt for the third party, offsite fabrication route.

Andy Thomas, regional director of Vivalda, said: “In our experience, outsourcing fabrication brings three major improvements to any façade operation: better health and safety, improved accuracy and reduced costs.

“Using our integrated dust extraction systems vastly reduces exposure to potentially harmful particles created during the cutting or drilling stages. Our programmable CNC saws integrate with software to ensure accuracy and optimisation every time. We can even supply precision chamfered edges which are often specified on education or hospital projects. Finally, our research shows that contractors could be saving anywhere between 25 and 45% in costs by outsourcing this stage of the cladding operation.”

To watch the latest CladMaster video from Vivalda, go to: CladMaster – Andy Thomas talks Outsourcing Fabrication – YouTube


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